(School of Rock, Bespoke Theatricals Client)

What we do

Our company supervises and manages theatrical productions of all sizes and complexities. From the simplest one-man show to the largest multi-media musical spectacular, our priority remains remarkably consistent: to support the artistic development and presentation of the production as envisioned by the creative team within the financial parameters established by the producers.

How we do it

We seek to establish a collegial and productive working environment for everyone working on the production whether they are employed by the production itself or work for outside vendors. We also seek to create the best possible environment for a production to succeed which can involve advising as to the best times of the year to open a production, which venues might be appropriate for artistic and financial success, what advertising and marketing strategies might best be employed to secure advance ticket sales, and what pricing models should be adopted.

While evaluating these decisions, we seek regular communication with a producer or team of producers to understand their priorities and to set the template for future production decisions. We seek a decision-making process that is transparent and open in order to best implement decisions in the most cost-efficient manner. Working with a producer we assist in finding, recommending, and ultimately hiring the complete team that will eventually work on the production which includes the administrative team of our office, together with an attorney, independent accountant and insurance broker.

For marketing we will participate in interviews with various ad agencies, marketing offices, Internet marketing offices, and press offices in order to assemble the team with which we will jointly strategize and begin to launch the production. Usually one or more of the creative team is in place when we are hired. We can recommend and/or hire the remaining team which can include authors, directors, choreographers, casting directors, designers, actors, stage managers, technical supervisors, crew, wardrobe, hair and makeup, special effects crews, animal handlers – everyone needed to realize the production.

Once hired, we supervise the work efforts of this entire team in order that financial parameters are respected. Regular communication with the producer is essential as decisions to exceed financial limits in order to attain desired artistic outcomes usually require rapid answers. Balancing all of these decisions against the requirements of different unions and guilds is another chief preoccupation of this office. It is our responsibility to understand how those requirements can affect hiring decisions both in the short-term and in the long-term and advise producers appropriately.

Why us

Obviously every production is different and no two producers are alike. Our skill in translating the desires and hope for a production into a practical and business structure is what sets us apart from other managers. The partners have been fortunate to have worked together for over 15 years and to jointly have managed a great variety of productions from which they derive a deep and fundamental knowledge of theatrical production. This experience is inherently valuable. The “bespoke” nature of the business is creating anew the right structure for a production to succeed while balancing the need to observe established rules and norms. This is the challenge that this office grapples with daily much to its delight, frustration, and ultimate enjoyment.


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